Monday, January 4, 2010

Almost finished 2.5

Hey all, I've been using some of my Christmas vacation time to finish 2.5. I know a lot of XP users are finally switching to Windows 7, so there might not be too many people who can use this new version. But it should be released anyway!

I've made a few fixes in the control panel to handle errors betters, and fix clipped text in some languages with some DPI settings. With Windows 7, it's quite easy to change the system language, so I've gone through and actually looked at the control panel in all the languages.

I also changed the way the cache works for multiple users. With 2.4 and earlier, the service scanned the file system as the SYSTEM user. All users on the machine would see the results of that scan. This was a security problem, because I could see the total size of a folder whose contents I wasn't permitted to see! Also, I couldn't see the total size of my own folder, if I didn't also give SYSTEM permission to read it.

Now with 2.5, all scanning happens with the user's credentials, so you get the results you expect to see. This also means that if you log in with a few different users, a separate cache will be created for each user. This uses a bit more CPU/memory. But proper security instead of performance is the right way to go these days, right? Most PCs only have one user log in anyway.

So I need to do some final testing (make sure I haven't broken anything) and then post the new MSIs. Yay!

To clarify, NO this new version still does not work in Vista. Or Windows 7!

Yes, there are some standalone programs you can use to show total folder sizes. So try those if you want. I was trying to make folder sizes an intrinsic part of the file browsing and selection process, and running a separate program does not do this for me.


Gaurav said...

Great.. looking forward to the release :)

Sallads said...

Hey.. when you hover a folder, you can see the size of it. That has to be the code you need, for the size-list, right?

Jordan said...

Sallads, the issue as I understand it is really with just putting custom columns (or "attributes") into the folder's explorer view.

Determining the foldersize it fairly trivial I think.


pfelelep said...

thanks a lot! Let's wait for the new release :)

mambule said...

this is so ├╝berawesome! great work, keep it rollin!!11!

Matthew said...

Great - looking forward to the new version!

ROOT said...
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ROOT said...

thank you for work!

We wish it to have in Win7 (x64),
is the Win Vista x64 kompatibel?

Thank you sooo much, greets from Germany (=

pauwer said...

Please, please, try your very best to get it working on Win7.

This is the most wanted plug-in for Win7!

Simon said...

+1 vote for Windows 7 support. *Really* miss this tool since moving from XP.


Eldad said...

Thanks for FolderSize, have been using it for a few years (WinXP).
2. minor annyances, that you can hopefully fix in 2.5:
1. There is an FolderSize error indicated in the Events Viewer (Application) every time Explorer is used.
2. Takes a long time to calculate/display the FolderSize.
Gigabyte or hundreds megabytes size folders can take tens of seconds to calculate.
Thanks again for a GREAT add on!

tuxplorer said...

Would this project on Codeplex => ( help in getting Folder size to work on Windows 7?

someone said...

Would this project at help Folder size to work on Vista/Windows 7?

someone said...

Would this project at help Folder size to work on Vista/Windows 7?

Kyle said...

Windows 7 x64 Support PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been using this program now for a while and I can't imagine not having it, I DEMAND this functionality. But I, and many others are migrating to Windows 7, abandon XP, PLEASE find a way for Windows 7 x64 to be supported!!!!!!! PLLLLEAAASSSEE!!!

Jordan said...

Yikes, hope your joking, Kyle. Obviously Brio will do what he can when he can... but at the end of the day, he doesn't owe us anything.

Keep up the good work, guy! Here's hoping for Win7 x64! That there would be a saleable product!

Echo said...

Xplorer² claims to have resurrected ColumnHandlers for third party add-ons under Vista/7 - doesn't seem to work with FolderSize (both x86 & x64) but maybe there is an easy tweak to get it functioning?

(Great prog, clinging on to XP argh!)

Echo said...

Update: Yes if you use the 32bit edition of X2 ( and 32bit FolderSize (can be under 7 x64), FolderSize's columns will be available in X2, which although is a full explorer replacement, I've pretty much gotten it looking like my old explorer window :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, running the service under my own credentials!
I have been waiting to get this feature so I can have folders locked out for all users except me but still be able to browse using FolderSize.
I had tried manually setting the service to run as me - at the suggestion of the author - but that means I have to go change the password on it whenever my network login expires.

Is there any way to sign up for an alert when 2.5 is released?

Jonathan said...

Tank you very much for this app!!!!
I was doing great with 5 external hdd!
panic when I discovered doesn't work with 7. So I now dual boot to have THIS APP.

Are you in facebook? or ... don't know maybe we can support you.
I'm quite sure there are a few million user that would like to have this app. If you give the possibility to donate I will pay you!

Because I think you did a great job!!

Jordan said...

I completely agree -- donations would be forthcoming. Sincerely miss this app with Win7!